Optimistic Foundation is an independent creative company based in East London, working on projects in film, music and art. Our projects tend to engage with specific hard to reach communities in which we embed ourselves. 

We find it hard to pigeon-hole ourselves, so instead we've set ourselves free to fly where the storm takes us.

The company was set up by Dan Edelstyn (filmmaker and musician) and Hilary Powell (artist). We're currently producing our second feature film Bank Job and Ring Cycle -  a large-scale artist film in Purfleet.

Many of the projects tend to emerge from or provoke a series of works and events around them beyond the film itself - from a vodka brand created from our first feature film How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire to books erupting from our first film around the London Olympic site. 

More on Hilary's practice at www.hilarypowell.com and Dan's music at www.orchestraofcardboard.com

Another world is possible. Pessimism of the intellect. Optimism of the will.